Bring in a Professional Upholstery Cleaner for Spotless Furniture

When it comes to keeping your upholstery looking as near the day you bought it from the store, there are a whole slew of tasks you can undertake. Employing a multi-layered attack plan to keeping your soft furniture looking its best and brightest year round is an effective means of general upholstery cleaning.

Do not hesitate to break out the vacuum on your couches and chairs. Your average store bought upright vacuum will come with an upholstery cleaning attachment. You will want to use this as an extension of your vacuum hose and hit up every piece of furniture on as close to a weekly basis as is possible. An angle-tipped crevice tool is the ideal one to use for cleaning out the folds and tucks of furniture in question.

If implementing a weekly upholstery cleaning system via vacuum, while you are at it, you may as well take those cushions out and give them a thorough beating. Lifted shall be all of the dust that has accumulated. If able, flip and rotate the cushions once placing them back on the couch (or similar item).

Stains, especially if your upholstered items are enjoyed with drinks or food, tend to be the norm on the average piece of furniture. Blot whatever spill or stain occurs as soon as is possible. Utilize the same blotting technique to dry the affected area. If your blotting efforts fail, check the labeling of your furniture to plot out what type of cleaning agent is acceptable for the item. Look for ‘W’ (water-based cleaners), ‘S’ (solvents), ‘WS’ (either water-based or solvents) and the dreaded ‘X’  (none, a vacuum may be your only option). Always test for color fastness.

Perhaps you have reached this point and still find yourself with a stain or heavy and impenetrable dust layer. This will be your time to call in a professional upholstery cleaner in Perry County like Dorundo’s Cleaning Service. At least once a year opting for a deep cleaning treatment will help maintain the beauty of your softer furniture items, keeping them sparkly fresh for years to come. Should the upholstery not be entirely detachable, the pros at Dorundo’s will dig extra deep to get the dust and the stains out.

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