Carpet Cleaning as a Means of Mold Removal and Prevention

Within the confines of your cozy home can be lurking a silent but not invisible cause of sickness or worse. This destructive force can be found anywhere—your bathrooms, kitchen and basement—that moisture and matter meet. Mold is the culprit.

Your carpets and rugs can be harboring dangerous levels of mold right now. If condensation accumulates around windows, humidity exists in general within your home, leaks exist within your roof (or anywhere, really) the fabrics that you walk upon could well be festering pools of mold growth. If you suspect you may have mold, look into a good and thorough professional carpet cleaning for your Duncannon (and surrounding towns) home.

Mold is a splotchy black film that clings to walls, carpets and appliances. It does a lot of damage to the human body. Amongst the bevy of symptoms mold causes are gastrointestinal issues, shortness of breath, immune system depletion, muscle and joint pain. Mold is also held accountable for frequent headaches, anxiety, depression, fatigue, memory loss, and visual disturbances.

Mold grows and takes over an area by releasing reproductive cells (mold spores) in the air (much like a plant releases its seeds). These spores then travel the relative area in which the primary blotch of mold exists, putting as much as thousands of small spores in each cubic foot of air nearby. Mold is a survivor, outlasting weather conditions of all sorts. Mold can even lie dormant for decades until the right set of conditions awaken them.

Three types of mold wreak havoc on the human body: allergenic, pathogenic and toxic.

  • Allergenic:These spores refer to those that generate a specific reaction or response from your body and are not a threat to your life. If you have asthma these mold varieties hinder your breathing further.
  • Pathogenic:If an infection occurs as a result of the presence of mold. These types will also hinder your immune system’s ability to ward off sickness. Pneumonia is a common result of pathogenic varieties.
  • Toxic: These dangerous molds generate mycotoxins, which usually create serious health effects on all, with cancer and/or drastically suppressed immune system as realistic possibilities.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above and have no visible signs of mold on walls, consider a professionally administered carpet cleaning. It could be that mold is just hanging out within your carpets, doing damage to you and yours right now or lying in wait for the right moment to be awakened.

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