Four Tips for Winter House Cleaning

cleaning service marysville pa dorundo'sEven though it is winter, it is still important to make sure your home is cleaned and cared for on a regular basis. The holidays are coming up too, so if you are having guests over to visit, you want to be sure your house is spic and span. A clean home is more warm, welcoming and appealing for your family and other loved ones. As a professional house cleaning service near Marysville PA, we have learned a few things over the years. Here are a few of our favorite winter house cleaning tips:

  • Make sure your home’s entryway is ready for guests! Put out a mat so people can wipe their feet before they come into your home and start walking on your carpets and floors. Better yet, put up a small shelf or something similar by the door for people to put their shoes on right after they walk in. Have some thick socks or slippers there as well. That way, if someone’s feet are still cold, they have something warm and comfortable to slip into after they come to your home.
  • When was the last time you flipped and cleaned your mattresses? Make sure you do this before your guests arrive to ensure they have a comfortable, cozy and clean place to sleep and rest.
  • If you are planning to cook a big meal or bake cookies, take some time to clean out and organize your kitchen pantry. Do the same for your refrigerator and freezer too. This will make it easier to figure out what ingredients you need to restock before you start cooking or baking, and it will also make it easier to find those ingredients when you are ready to start cooking or baking.
  • You can breathe new life into the wooden furniture and accessories in your home by getting some wood polish and taking some time to dust and polish them. Just don’t use that polish on your hardwood floors! It will make them too slippery to walk on. There are special hardwood floor cleaners on the market that you can purchase or, better yet, hire our house cleaning service for help with this task.

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