Holiday Carpet Cleaning

Christmas and New Year’s are right around the corner. Maybe, you and your family will be hosting a party, or, gathering of some sort affiliated with either or both holidays. As a carpet cleaning company serving Mifflintown PA or nearby, Dorundo’s Cleaning can remedy most any sort of mess that has befallen your beloved carpeting.

So the families are coming over for a Christmas gift exchange. The families contain many super young children, many heading towards double digits, a few teenagers, some adults and some elderly folk. Your event is set to be a wholesome family affair, the lone alcohol being consumed being an egg nog variety that may just spill on the floor. Little Suzy grabs a plate of chicken nuggets made just for her, the other food fare being more of an adult variety. Suzy loves her ketchup on her nuggets and thus it accompanies her dish. Suzy spots a cat that had been hiding since her arrival, loses focus, tosses her plate and ketchup becomes a temporary resident of your floor. She also drinks milk, which spilled too. Stains of these sorts can often be cleaned up entirely when they occur, but usually not. They linger long after the event has passed. An industrial strength carpet cleaner like us can eliminate whatever remains.

Your New Year’s Party brings a similar list of invitees minus the children. The suds and spirits of so many different sorts or being consumed by a group of people who gradually—yet swiftly—become more intoxicated by the second. With the increased drunkenry unfolding, each visitor consuming different alcohol stuffs becomes a little more shaky as per gait and ability to cleanly handle their beverage (in multiple ways). Johnny loves his dark beers; you made a special trip to the store just to make sure he has his favorite spirit to enjoy. Now Johnny can hardly walk straight and has already begun to engage in “I love you Man!” type behavior and sure enough, he trips over something that is not there and the beer spills all over your carpet. Beer, dark or light, despite all of your efforts, stains and lingers. Let’s not forget about the red wine consumers who will also be in full celebration mode. Wine will linger much as beer does. Champagne, egg nog, you name it—if it spills on your carpet it stays there until addressed by professional carpet cleaning.

Don’t let your holiday carpet stainings linger. Consider a carpet cleaning for your Mifflintown PA home or office, call Dorundo’s Cleaning Service at 717-582-8187 or 717-580-0658. You may also request a free cleaning service quote right now!