Late Winter Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning


Though the chill of winter still looms, spring will be just around the corner in Central Pennsylvania. And with spring coming, it also means it will be time for spring cleaning! It is a great time of year to clean the home, get rid of any excess clutter and do an allover deep cleaning. And, don’t forget carpet cleaning! There are so many reasons to look into hiring professional carpet cleaning for your Newport, PA home prior to your next spring cleaning. For one, the experts at Dorundo’s Cleaning Service have the right tools and knowledge to thoroughly clean your carpets, as well as upholstery and window cleaning, and they even offer specific spring cleaning services.

carpet cleaning

When it comes to spring carpet cleaning, there are a variety of things to look for and treat. Having your carpets professionally cleaned once every spring or two will ensure all of your needs are met and your home is as clean as it should be. You might even be surprised at how much dirt they can get out at each carpet cleaning!

With spring and warmer weather in central PA, also comes mold. When condensation accumulates around the windows, humidity begins to build within your home, and your carpet could unfortunately become an ideal environment for fostering mold growth. Mold is a black film that clings to walls, carpets and other fixtures in the home. And, if neglected, it can do a lot of damage to the human body. Mold can cause many symptoms such as gastrointestinal issues, shortness of breath, immune system depletion, joint and muscle pain.

Mold is also held accountable for frequent headaches, depression, fatigue, anxiety, memory loss, and visual disturbances. So, it is important to make carpet cleaning, mold removal and prevention an essential step to your annual spring cleaning. By including carpet cleaning in your spring cleaning routine, you will help improve your indoor air quality overall.

With professional carpet cleaning, you may even end up saving some money. You won’t have to go out and buy or rent the expensive equipment needed to perform a deep cleaning service yourself. You won’t even have to figure out what carpet cleaning supplies to buy! The carpet cleaning professionals at Dorundo’s are trained in all the best products to use on a wide variety of carpets.

Are you ready to add carpet cleaning to your Newport, PA home’s spring cleaning routine? Give us a call and get it on the schedule today! Spring will be just around the corner, so call the professionals at Dorundo’s Cleaning Service at 717-582-8187 or 717-580-0658, or you can contact us to Request a Free Quote.