A Last-Minute But Essential Spring Cleaning Task: Upholstery Cleaning

With summer being just around the corner, you’ve likely been tackling home cleaning cleaning tasks of all types. But have you forgotten one of the most essential tasks to tackle this spring? Have you left upholstery cleaning off of your spring cleaning to-do list? If your home’s upholstery such as couches chairs and more have stains or heavy and impenetrable dust layers, this will be your time to call in professional in upholstery cleaning like Dorundo’s Cleaning Service. We are the experts in upholstery cleaning for Mifflintown PA and can help you get your home looking and smelling fresh for summer.

At least once a year opting for a deep cleaning treatment will help maintain the beauty of your softer furniture items, keeping them looking great for years to come. And, upholstery cleaning is also great for preparing your home for guests or if you’re looking to sell your home this summer.upholstery cleaning mifflintown pa

Stains, especially if your upholstered items are often sat upon while enjoying drinks or food, tend to be the norm. That’s why, once a year, you should opt for a deep cleaning treatment that will help maintain the beauty of your softer furniture items for both your enjoyment and the enjoyment of your guests.

Our trusted professional cleaners will use the necessary tools as well as sage and appropriate solvents in order to get every inch of your upholstery clean. We will remove and rotate the cushions to ensure a completely thorough clean. Should the upholstery not be entirely detachable, the pros at Dorundo’s will dig extra deep to get the dust and the stains out.

If your upholstery has recently experienced a spill, you should blot the best you can before our professionals arrive. Blot whatever spill or stain occurs as soon as possible. Utilize the same blotting technique to dry the affected area. If your blotting efforts fail, check the labeling of your furniture to determine what type of cleaning agent is acceptable for the item. If you are uncomfortable doing this or if you cannot find the label, our professionals will be able to determine what cleaning agent is best for your furniture and upholstery.

Ready to schedule the most essential step in your spring cleaning? To learn more about a professional upholstery cleaning for your Mifflintown PA home, contact us or call Dorundo’s Cleaning Service at 717-582-8187 or 717-580-0658. You may also pursue a free quote!