Good Clean Summer Fun: Hiring Your Local Carpet Cleaner

With summer brings graduation parties, weddings, picnics and family gatherings for homes and families all over the country. And preparing for big events like these can seem overwhelming. But, when you delegate essential carpet cleaning to the professionals in advance, you can seriously cut down on last minute cleaning stress. Dorundo’s Cleaning Service is a professional carpet cleaner for Duncannon and the surrounding areas and can help with all of your carpet cleaning needs.

Before the summer even hits, prepare for your upcoming parties and get-togethers now and hire a carpet cleaner. By doing so, you can eliminate mold, treat odors and get your carpet looking its best. There are so many reasons to hire a professional carpet cleaner and we would like to share a few more:

carpet cleaner

The Right Techniques

Knowing that guests will be visiting specific rooms during the party, you may be tempted to do a quick carpet cleaning yourself right before the event. But higher humidity levels and increased pollen common to Central Pennsylvania make a difference in the techniques used for summer carpet cleaning. At Dorundo’s, we know the right way to clean the carpet, treat spots and remove excess moisture so that the floor is clean, dry and safe. And, our carpet cleaner only uses products that are safe for your precious children and pets.

A Deeper Clean

Your carpets don’t necessarily look dirty? Don’t be fooled! They could be full of unseen pollutants such as dust mites, pollens and dander lurking deep in your carpet and unable to be removed by vacuuming alone. When you hire our carpet cleaner we will utilize the latest in cleaning techniques to treat your carpets and clean deep down for an efficient and spotless clean.

Mold Elimination

With our humid climate and potential for excess moisture, mold can often become a problem. Mold grows and takes over an area by releasing mold spores in the air much like a plant releases its seeds. These molds can cause allergies and can even be toxic. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner can help eliminate mold and give your home a fresher feel.

You and your family deserve a clean, dry and safe environment to enjoy all summer long. And having a professional carpet cleaner from Dorundo’s come out for a thorough cleaning could help improve the look of your carpets not to mention your home’s air quality.

Interested in learning more about hiring a carpet cleaner for your Duncannon home this summer? Call Dorundo’s Cleaning Service at 717-582-8187 or 717-580-0658. You may also request a free cleaning service quote today!