Prevent Mold this Spring and Summer with Carpet Cleaning

Central Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to live. And, in Marysville, being a stone’s throw from the beautiful Susquehanna has its many benefits. But, one negative side effect of living in central Pennsylvania is, of course, mold. Our climate has its fair share of moisture and with moisture comes mold. And, some of the worst times of year for mold growth has got to be the spring and summer. Combat moisture and mold before it becomes a problem with thorough cleaning from Dorundo’s. We know where mold lurks and do our very best to fight it.carpet cleaning

With the weather warming, your carpets and rugs could be harboring dangerous levels of mold that must be addressed before it gets worse. If you suspect you may have mold, look into high quality, thorough and professional carpet cleaning for your Marysville home. As experts in carpet cleaning, we know a thing or two about mold and are here to answer some questions about this menace.

Why is mold bad?

Inhalation exposure to mold indoors can cause health effects and produce allergens. Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions. And, mold does not have to be alive to cause an allergic reaction.
In addition to allergies, mold can do a lot of damage to the body. It can cause gastrointestinal issues, immune system depletion, shortness of breath, muscle and joint pain. Mold is also held accountable for less obvious issues such as frequent headaches, anxiety, depression, vision issues and fatigue.

Why is mold common in the area?

In short, it’s humid here. Humidity is a huge reason for mold. When condensation accumulates around windows or leaks allow moisture into the home, the fabrics that you walk upon could become infested with mold and carpet cleaning could be in order.

What does mold look like?

Mold is a splotchy black film that clings to walls, carpets and appliances.

Is mold only bad in the warmer months?

Mold is often worse in the warmer months. But, mold is a survivor, outlasting weather conditions of all sorts. Mold can even lie dormant for decades until the right set of conditions awaken them.

Do you think your home could have mold? One step you can take is investing in thorough, professional carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning can do a lot to remove mold spores that have found a home in your carpeting.

If you are considering carpet cleaning for your Marysville home, call Dorundo’s Cleaning Service at 717-582-8187 or 717-580-0658. You may also request a free cleaning service quote right now!