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Prevent Mold this Spring and Summer with Carpet Cleaning

Central Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to live. And, in Marysville, being a stone’s throw from the beautiful Susquehanna has its many benefits. But, one negative side effect of living in central Pennsylvania is, of course, mold. Our climate has its fair share of moisture and with moisture comes mold. And, some of the worst… Read more »

Carpet Cleaning for the Fall & Winter Months Ahead

Fall is officially here! That means it’s time to start preparing for more time spent inside and all the fun parties and get-togethers ahead this holiday season. That’s why it is so important to make sure your home is cleaned and cared for and ready for the months ahead. After all, a clean home and… Read more »

Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Pros

As a specialist in carpet cleaning for Mifflintown PA, Dorundo’s Cleaning can remedy almost any sort of mess that has befallen your beloved carpeting. And we know however hard you may try; your carpet will eventually become victim to drops, accidents, spills and more. So, when a mess happens, trust Dorundo’s to get your carpet… Read more »

Late Winter Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning

  Though the chill of winter still looms, spring will be just around the corner in Central Pennsylvania. And with spring coming, it also means it will be time for spring cleaning! It is a great time of year to clean the home, get rid of any excess clutter and do an allover deep cleaning…. Read more »

Holiday Carpet Cleaning

Christmas and New Year’s are right around the corner. Maybe, you and your family will be hosting a party, or, gathering of some sort affiliated with either or both holidays. As a carpet cleaning company serving Mifflintown PA or nearby, Dorundo’s Cleaning can remedy most any sort of mess that has befallen your beloved carpeting…. Read more »

Carpet Cleaning as a Means of Mold Removal and Prevention

Within the confines of your cozy home can be lurking a silent but not invisible cause of sickness or worse. This destructive force can be found anywhere—your bathrooms, kitchen and basement—that moisture and matter meet. Mold is the culprit. Your carpets and rugs can be harboring dangerous levels of mold right now. If condensation accumulates… Read more »